ProteinFishing: a protein complex generator within the ModelX toolsuite

“Accurate 3D modelling of protein-protein interactions (PPI) is essential to compensate for the absence of experimentally determined complex structures. Here, we present a new set of commands within the ModelX toolsuite capable of generating atomic-level protein complexes suitable for interface design. Among these commands, the new tool ProteinFishing proposes known and/or putative alternative 3D PPI for a given protein complex. The algorithm exploits backbone compatibility of protein fragments to generate mutually exclusive protein interfaces that are quickly evaluated with a knowledge-based statistical force field. Using interleukin-10-R2 co-crystalized with interferon-lambda-3, and a database of X-ray structures containing interleukin-10, this algorithm was able to generate interleukin-10-R2/interleukin-10 structural models in agreement with experimental data.”

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