Bioinformatics, protein structure, protein design, C++, FoldX, data analysis.


After graduating in a Chemistry high school in 2012 I enrolled in the Molecular Biology bachelor at University of Padua (Italy). I graduated in 2016 carrying my bachelor thesis in the Bioinformatics Lab. of Professor Chiara Romualdi, combining my studies with the passion for computers and programming. There I became aware of the “Two years Bologna Master in Bioinformatics” which I concluded with the highest grade in July 2018, with a thesis entitled “Target driven engineering of DNA-Protein interfaces” performed in Luis Serrano Lab. at CRG of Barcelona, under the supervision of two worldwide renowned experts on structural Bioinformatics: Prof. Luis Serrano Pubul and Prof. Rita Casadio (Alma Mater Studiorum – Bologna). Later that year, a Bioinformatician position  was offered to me by Prof. Serrano to further develop and use ModelX and FoldX; two well established software for the generation, engineering and evaluation of bio-molecular structural models. In September 2019 I have been awarded with a prestigious fellowship from “la Caixa” foundation to develop a PhD entitled “In silico biomolecular engineering with FoldX and ModelX”.


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